Golf: Improve My Game

In association with the xPlane Golf Studio we are proud to release our latest app to help you take your golf game to the next level.  Score lower. Play better.

It's not about changing your swing, equipment or even taking any lessons.

Lower your score during the round by using the Improve My Game app.  It will show you what is working and what is not.  Use the clubs that are working for you and stop using those that aren't.

It's simple enough to use  while playing and also includes an in-built caddie for pro advice! After the round Improve My Game will show you charts of your clubs performance and it has all the automatic scoring reports you'll need, so you can just focus on playing your best round.

It's the perfect companion for your next round of golf.

Take EGO out of your game and play smart golf. This app will identify the areas of your game to improve on, so it's also ideal for your designing your next purposeful practice round!

Currently available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

The Identity Creator

This is our flagship app to help you positively transform your life.

This app is available on the Google Play Store and will soon be available on the Amazon store.

Create the Identity you need to make positive change to your life.

Check it out on the Google Play store!

The Positivity Booster

Here is a one of our new apps to help you positively transform your life.

This great  app is available now!

Lost sight of the good? Not feeling positive?
Let this app help you go to a much more positive state of being!

Check it out on the Google Play store!