The Identity Creator

I just shot my first Par round!

My golf is usually fairly good, but wow this app really has taken my game to the next level.

I've been playing with a 10 handicap and the first round I used this app I shot only 3 over!  On the 4th hole I was already 3 over and the Improve My Golf app  told me not to use my Gap Wedge again today!  So I swapped to using the lob wedge and it saved me from what was rapidly becoming another double bogey.  It also showed me to adjust my alignment for my driver and BAM.  I ended up with parring the remaining holes!

The second and third rounds my score went down to just 2 over and today I shot my first par round 16 years.

What an awesome app! I love it! The club accuracy charts are amazing!

Improve My Golf Game


The Identity Creator

Absolute Gratitude...

After suffering a stroke, my life was torn apart.  I was told I was only going to be 60% of who I used to be, if I was lucky!  That in itself is devastating.

My ability to work for a living...Gone! My life was filled with a great deal of activity...  Gone!  My career was full of creativity,  passion and energy.  All Gone!

Through using The Identity Creator I have been able to restart and rebuild my life.  I now feel I have purpose and the ability to achieve some life long goals.

I cried when I ran for the first time.  It was only about 20m, but to me it was like the amazing running scenes from Chariots of Fire.  TIC gave me the confidence to try!
This was my  Core Being Identity.

After being so reliant on my wife I am totally blown away seeing my outcomes materializing and $ come in.  I actually feel a growing sense of self worth again.  All without stress or  strain.
This was my Financial Identity

I owe you so much m4c


The Identity Creator

Now that's amazing...

After creating a powerful stock market trading system I commenced selling it with some success.

I decided to create a Presenter Identity to assist me with presenting the system to people.

Within 3 minutes of signing the declaration I received a phone call from a market roadshow company asking me to join them to present across the country to thousands of potential customers!

Blown away!


Binaural Beats

Ahh the peace...

After some pretty stressful weeks I started to lose sleep over my work.  I played the sleep binaural beat and had the best sleep I've had for months! I now able to cope far better.

Thanks m4c


The Identity Creator


I have two teenage children who are both athletic and super fit.  We decided to have a squash completion as an ex-tennis player thought it prudent that I created an Excellent  Squash Player Identity.  I started out by winning a couple of matches which was awesome, then suddenly I started losing a large number of points putting my first loss in sight!  I called a quick time-out, reviewed my Identity and came back to win.  I am so happy to let my kids know I still have it!


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